Some people think that modern technology has more negative effects on our lives than positive ones. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion.

The innovation and latest technological advancements is a topic of great controversy these days.No doubt, the advancement of technology has made our lives lot easier but the cost we are paying is a lot more then we can think of or we see around us today. The adverse impact of technology can be seen easily on our health.

In recent years, the development of technology has changed the world to a great extent. The infrastructure, standard of education, transport system, health system etc all are affected by technology. Each and every task today is being performed with the help of machines for an instance we rely on machines for simple jobs like easy calculations to complicated jobs seeking multi-tasking at the same time. And this over dependent nature over the machines slowly degrading our skills rather.

Another great impact of technology over the humans would be the growing distance between each other. There are various reasons for weakening our relationships with our dear ones, with those who need us most and the root cause is technology again for example kids today have very little time for their family and friends because they are busy with their virtual friends over social networking sites like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. And this is leading to very serious consequences.

However, certainly, technology has helped us to grow and achieve too much in a short span of time in the area of health, science, education, communication etc. But the adverse effects of technology overweigh the benefits if we look at it in a broad way.

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