An interesting or important letter you received
  • When and where you received?
  • Who sent it to you?
  • What the content of the letter was?
  • How you reacted to it?

I would like to speak about the first offer letter that I received from a multinational Company. In the year 2000 when I completed my graduation and I wanted a job in the management field so I applied for the post of executive manager of a prestigious company. After a few days, I received the call for an interview. 

It was my first interview and my preparations were not up to the mark that's why I was feeling nervous. But after some days I got offer letter from that company on my email id from the same post and they offered an attractive salary also. I was so happy to know about it, email letter also contained the terms and conditions with job responsibilities and my joining date. They also offered 15 days stay in a five-star hotel near to the company at their cost so that I could arrange my living place.

I was delighted and I called my family members, relatives, and friends and told them about my offer letter. It is one of the best moments of my life which I can never forget.

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