Describe a 3-day holiday you enjoyed
  • Where you went?
  • When you went?
  • With whom you went?
  • Things you enjoyed there?

I would like to speak about my visit to 'Nainital' which is a hill station. Last year, in the month of December, I and my friends planned for Nainital so we hired a cab and reached there at 11 in the morning then we took rest for few hours in a hotel room. After taking rest, we took a ride on the trolley to reach the peak of the mountain where we used binoculars to saw peaks of The Himalaya. Then we returned back to the hotel room.

On the next day, we enjoyed boating in the Naini lake and enjoyed shopping in the market where we brought winter clothes and designer candles and after taking so many photographs and eating lunch at a good restaurant near the lake, we came back to the room.

On the last day, we went to the 'Tiffin top' and 'Lovers point', both the places are so beautiful and attractive.
I was totally delightful because the sky was so clear and the breeze was cool for the whole day.

Then enjoying most of the thing we returned back to our home but still, that day is the memorable day of my life with my friends. Even today, when I see the photos of that trip, I get refreshed.

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