Rule 1 : 'e' must be removed from Verbs containing 'e' as a last letter while working with 'ing'.
Examples :
Come - Coming
Give - Giving
Make - Making
Take - Taking
Shake -Shaking
Love - Loving

Rule 2 : If there is last letter in verb is a Consonant and a letter before Consonant is a Vowel (a,e,i,o,u) then for these words last letter will get double.
Stop - Stopping
Shut - Shutting
Sit - Sitting
Run - Running
Put -Putting
Cut -Cutting

Rule 3 : We shall not remove 'y' or 'll'  in Verbs ending with 'y' or 'll' while using 'ing'.
Cry - Crying
Buy - Buying
Fly -Flying
Call - Calling
Tell - Telling
Sell - Selling

Rule 4 : Verb ending with a Consonant, if contains two vowels just before it, then we shall not double the last Consonant.
Examples :
Read - Reading
Weep - Weeping
Hear - Hearing
Bear - Bearing
Wait - Waiting
Beat - Beating

Rule 5 : We shall not double the letter 'n' in the end of verb, if there is no vowel before it.
Examples :
Open - Opening
Exceptional Case : This rule does not work in case of begin.
Begin - Beginning

Rule 6 : Verbs having 'ie' in their end will change to 'y'.
Examples :
Lie - Lying
Die - Dying
Tie - Tying

Rule 7 : Verbs having 'ee' or 'ye' in their end, then we put 'ing' without removing 'e' from the end.
See - Seeing
Dye - Dyeing

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