Please read Present Perfect Tense - Hindi to English Translation before solving below exercise.

Exercise -1
क्या रेलगाड़ी स्टेशन पर आ चुकी है? तुमने आज कितने चित्र बनाये है? माली बाग़ से घास काट चुका है | मैंने तुम्हें दो दिन से नहीं देखा है | सोहन स्कूल जा चुका है | क्या उसने अपना कुत्ता बेच दिया है | पुलिस ने आज एक चोर पकड़ा है | कितने अतिथियों ने खाना नहीं खाया है? क्या बहुत से लोगों ने ताजमहल नहीं देखा है? उसने गर्मियों में शिमला जाने का निश्चय किया है | हमने ऐसा घोड़ा नहीं देखा है | धोबी ने अभी तक कपड़े नहीं धोये है | क्या उस लड़के ने अपना पाठ याद कर लिया है? उसने यह किताब नहीं पढ़ी है | वह कहाँ भाग गया है? तुमने यह पत्र क्यों नहीं पढ़ा है? तुमने उसका पेन तोड़ दिया है | 
(Hints : रेलगाड़ी-  train, चित्र बनाना - draw pictures, माली - gardener, बाग़ - garden, घास काटना - mow (Third form - mowed), चोर - thief, अतिथियों - guests, कितने - how many, गर्मिया - summer, निश्चय करना - decide, ऐसा घोड़ा - such a horse, धोबी - washerman, अभी तक - till now, धोना - wash, याद करना - learn, तोड़ देना - (to) break)

Tenses - Hindi to English Translation
Simple Tense

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  1. hii thoda sa aur translations likhiye

  2. Has the train arrived at the station? How much pictures have you made today? The gardener has mow the grass from the garden. I have not seen you from two days. Has gone to school. Has he sold his dog? The police has Caught a today. How many guests have not eaten the food question mark many people not seen the Taj Mahal? He was decided to go to Shimla in summer vacation. We have not seen such a horse. The washer man has not washed the clothes till now. Has that boy learn his lesson? He has not read this book. Where has he gone? Why have you not read this letter question mark you have broken his pen.

    1. Sir jaldi correct kar dijiye or jo galat hote hain unhe plzz explain bhii kar diya kijiye taaki main apni english or aachi improve kar saku sir .... thanks u so much sir u support me every time for learning good English i have not seen GOD but i see u . U don't know sir i am very weak in english but your content your blogging very helpful for students and i try to my level best for Learn English from your blogging thanku sir

    2. How many pictures have you made today?
      How many pictures have you drawn today?(Drawn is the third form of draw)
      The gardener has mowed the garden.
      I have not seen you for two days.
      Sohan has gone to school.
      The police have caught a thief today.
      Have many people not seen the Taj Mahal?
      He has decided to go to Shimla in summer.
      Has that boy learnt/learned his lesson? (learnt/learned are the third forms of learn)
      Where has he run?

      You're welcome.

    3. Hello Sir....May we write "Escaped" instead of "run"

    4. yes u may use, but escape is often used for "get rid of something"

    5. The train has arrived at tha station

  3. Sir police ke saath toh Has aayegaa nas

    1. "Police" is a plural word and it always refers to more than one policeman.

  4. the goat has broken the cage and gone on the terrace.
    (is this perfect according to perfect present tens??)