Please read Past Continuous Tense - Hindi to English Translation before solving below exercise.

मेरा मित्र गहरी नींद में सो रहा था | पांडव जंगल में शिकार कर रहे थे | कुछ लोग खाली हाथ जा रहे थे | दोनों बहने बाजार से कपड़े नहीं खरीद रही थी | क्या वह भोजन की खोज में इधर-उधर भटक रहा था | एक बार एक लकड़हारा इस जंगल में पेड़ काट रहा था | क्या आपके चाचा सहकारी अस्पताल में नौकरी नहीं कर रहे थे? वे लड़के मैच खेलने क्यों नहीं जा रहे थे? धोबी कपड़े नहीं धो रहा था| वह कमरे में क्या कर रहा था? वह एक प्याला चाय नहीं ला रही थी | मैं अपना पाठ याद कर रहा था | वे लड़कों को क्यों नहीं पढ़ा रहा था? तुम कल इस समय स्कूल नहीं जा रहे थे | कमरे में कितने लोग सो रहे थे? क्या वह अपने घर पैदल जा रहा था? 
(Hints : गहरी नींद में सोना - sleep soundly, शिकार करना - hunt, खाली हाथ - empty handed, की खोज में - in search of, भटकना - wander, लकड़हारा - woodcutter, याद करना - learn, पाठ -lesson, कमरा - room, पैदल - on foot)

Tenses - Hindi to English Translation
Simple Tense

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    1. Please post your solution here, i'll correct it.

    2. My friend was sleeping soundly. The pandav were hunting in the forest. Some people were going empty handed. Both sisters were not buying clothes from the market. Was he wandering around in searching the food? Once upon a woodcutter was cutting tree in this forest. Was your uncle not doing job in the government hospital? Why were those boys not going to play match? The washerman was not washing clothes. What was he doing in the room? She was not bringing a cup of tea. I was learning my lesson. Why was he not teaching to
      the boys? You were not going to school yesterday this time. How many person were sleeping in the room? Was he going his home on foot?

    3. Very well. Find some suggestions below:
      The Pandavas were hunting in the forest.
      Was he wandering around in search of food?
      Once a woodcutter was cutting trees in this forest.
      Was your uncle not working in the cooperative hospital? (alternative)
      How many persons/people were sleeping in the room?
      Was he walking to his house? (alternative)