'Be' क्रिया के पाँच रूप हैं - is, are, am (तीन present tense), was, were (दो past tense)
There are five types of 'Be' Verb - first three 'is', 'are', 'am' are present tense and last two 'was', 'were' are past tense.

Use of Verb 'To be'
1. Continuous tense बनाने में :
a) वह स्कूल जा रही है । 
She is going to school.

2. Passive voice बनाने में :
Example :
a) मैं उसको एक पैन देता हू । 
A pen is given to him by me.

3. 'Be' verb का Continuous में 'being' तथा Participle में 'been' हो जाता है । 

4. 'Be' as मुख्य क्रिया (Principal Verb) :
Examples :
a) वे कायर हैं । 
They are cowards.
b) खाना मेंज पर नहीं था ।
The food was not on the table. 
c) क्या वह एक चालाक व्यक्ति है ?
Is he a clever man?
d) मेरी किताबें कहाँ हैं ?
Where are my books?
e) क्या आप कभी दिल्ली गए हैं ?
Have you ever been to Delhi?
f) निर्धन की सहायता करना हमारा कर्तव्य है ।
It is our duty to help the poor.

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