Kind of the sentenceNature of the sentenceReporting verbConjunction
 AssertiveGeneral Statementsaid/toldthat
InterrogativeQuestion(?) mark in the end of sentence. (i)Starting with who, which, what, why, when, where, how etc. question words. (ii)Starting with do, did, is, was, can, shall, will, have etc helping verbs.asked/ enquired of(i)No different connective; Question word use as conjunction. (ii) if or whether
Imperativerequest, order, advise etc. Sentence starts with verb. Subject 'you' remains hidden.requested, begged, commanded, ordered, advised, forbadeDo not use conjunction after Reporting verb.
OptativeWish cognitive or pray to GodWished or prayedthat
Exclamatorysurprise, sorrow, joy indicator. Exclamation (!) mark in the end of sentence.exclaimed, cried out, shouted etc.that

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  1. Assallam o Alliakum dear sir, i request you that please guide me about direct and indirect narration in very simple way. i have some problem in changing one part to other. the main thing is .. pronouns change from one side to another side. .. please send me a simple chart of all pronouns and one by one example i am very thankful to you are. my mail is