It is said that day-by-day people’s lives are becoming increasingly stressful. What are the reasons behind that? Can yoga solve this problem?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.

Today, the human lifestyle has been changing tremendously. There are many things introduced with technological advancement to easy our day to day activities. This technological advancement has definitely improved our performances but also is leading us to an unhealthy lifestyle. So there is a need for introducing something into our daily routines to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Yoga is one of the major necessities for our generation to remain disease free.

Yoga is believed to be started by Lord Shiva as a means to merge in the universal power. Times to time many new things have been introduced to diversify its implications. Presently it has very little relevance in the attainment of eternal peace however it is considered and proved to be beneficial to keep physically fit.

There are several benefits of yoga and the most important of it is to keep oneself stress-free. Today, we are dealing with lots of problems at several levels for an instance stress of work, personal life hurdles and responsibilities towards our kith and kin. To cope up with all these problems and remain physically and psychologically fit is the biggest challenge for each one of us.

In conclusion, it cannot be denied that today the stressful living is a part of our life but yoga has its vast implication to overcome from unexpected stress and work pressure and elevate us to rejuvenate ourselves.

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