Speak about a teacher who has influenced you and your education.
  • Who is the teacher?
  • Where did you meet him/her?
  • What did s/he teach?
  • What was special about him/her?
  • Explain why has this teacher influenced you so much?

Teachers play the most important role in the education system. They form the foundation of an individual’s learning sources and knowledge. There were several teachers in my school but I would like to speak about a teacher who influenced me the most. Her name is Mrs. Manveer Kaur.

She was an M.A. in English literature. She used to teach me English in class 9th and 10th. She believed in simple living and high thinking. She had a thorough knowledge of her subject. Her method of teaching influenced me a lot. Every student of the school had high regard for her.

Her personality was charming. She was a woman of strong character. I was highly impressed by her personality at that time. She was full of humour & fun. She was good-natured soft-spoken. I felt like she not only taught us the subject but also motivated us for the overall development.

Recently, I met her at the party and found her dynamic and energetic as usual. I was so much impressed by her teaching skill that’s why; I took up teaching as a profession. Now, I aim to establish myself as a clone in her skills.

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