Using a computer everyday can have more negative than positive effects on children. Do you agree or disagree?

In today's world, computers are very useful and essential in day to day life. Children are encouraged by the computer right from the beginning. For overall development, it has become a necessity to participate in various activities for every child where computers assist children accomplishing these activities. Therefore I completely disagree with the view that Kids using computers in everyday life have more negative impacts on them, rather their use acquaint younger generation with upcoming advancements. Several aspects of using computers in daily life of children are outlined below.

The personal life of children seems to be more self depend using computers and internet to connect them to the world. Banking, shopping, travelling and relationship are easy to manage with the help of computers and internet. The dominance of computer in today's age can be marked by its presence on various levels such as desktop, laptops, tablets, smartphones etcetera.

It would completely be unfair limiting computers benefited for personal life only however the academic standard has vitally altered with the induction of technology into education. Reading and learning has become way too easy along with teaching where many options of online classes have changed the course of study. For scholars, reading and publishing their findings has become facile unlike earlier times.

The professional life has also changed to a great extent. LinkedIn and other networks have made the world global community to experience more opportunities around the world. The doors to everything open with the learning of computer education at early stage of life.

In addition, I would like to make a disclaimer that use of computers for kids ruins their future regardless the advantages supersede. Furthermore use of computer in childhood equips one with all the necessities required to handle the complexities in everyday situations.

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