Question 1. Do as directed.
a) Shakespear was a famous poet. (pick out the common noun)
b) Rahul has lost his ______ of keys. ( fill the suitable collective noun)
c) My uncle has ___________ ( buy / bought) a new car yesterday .
d) Write the abstract noun for the word ‘friend’.
e) Reeta is the __________ girl in all. ( fill the suitable degree of ‘intelligent’)
f) I had _____ crayons in my box.( much/ many)
g) My friend has added some sugars.( correct the given sentence)
h) She will sing a song herself.( pick out a reflexive pronoun)
i) The boy has _________ toys in his room. (fill a suitable adjective)
j) We will go for the party tomorrow. ( write the correct tense)

Question 2. Rearrange the given words and punctuate them.
a) has become/ the backbone/ newspaper/ of society
b) all places/ we/ news/ get/ from/ daily
c) want/ people/ their beds/ it on/ in the morning

Question 3. Read the following paragraph carefully. There is an error in each sentence. 
a) A painting competition were held in our school. Eg. Incorrect: were, correct: was
b) It was held on 14th November in 9.00 a.m.
c) The topic of the competition is ‘Flowers’.
d) The competition was held on the main hall.
e) More than 50 student participated in it.
f) The children use water colours, crayons etc.
g) She made very beautiful flowers.
h) In last judges declared the results.
i) The winners were given prizes to the Principal.

Question 4. Do as directed.
a) The students were sitting quietly in the class .( change into simple present tense)
b) They have served tasty food to us.(change into simple past tense)
c) We helped the poor last night.( change into negative sentence)
d) She writes neatly. ( change into interrogative sentence)

Question 5. Rewrite the sentences using the suitable pronouns in each sentence.
a) He had forgotten to bring bag.
b) The students are doing work.

Question 6. Choose and write the suitable words given in the brackets.
The Machine Age,_____ (who/which ) is known as the Insdustrial Revolution, in a short time transformed the lives _____ (of/with) the people. People began to vie with one another in thinking new thoughts ______ (but/ and) discovering new things,which has ________ (continued/ continue) to this day. The result is ______ (what/ that) we now live in a wonderful world which science and industry together ______ (has / have )built.

Question 7. Complete the following dialogues between Amit and Radha by filling in the blanks with suitable words from the box.
Hints: Qutub Minar, on my phone, Humayun Tomb, Purana Qilla, love to come, are we going, idea, historical places

Amit: We are going to visit ___________of Delhi.Would you like to come, Radha?
Radha: This is a good___________. What is a historical place?
Amit: The __________, the _________, and the ____________ are the historical places. We might even go to the zoo.
Radha: I would__________, but I have to ask my mother first.
Amit: You are right, talk to her ________________.
Radha: How _________________, Amit?
Amit: By our car.
Radha: Good.

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