Comment, if you have any kind of fear mentioned or not mentioned in the below list. 
Acrophobia : fear of heights
Barophobia : fear of gravity
Chionophobia : fear of snow
Dromophobia : fear of crossing streets
Ergophobia : fear of work
Felinophobia : fear of cat
Gamophobia : fear of marriage
Hematophobia : fear of blood
Iatrophobia : fear of doctors
Jumping Phobia : fear of jumping from high places(also known as Catapedaphobia)
Keraunophobia : fear of lightning or thunder
Lalophobia : fear of speaking
Mysophobia : fear of contamination and germs
Nyctophobia : fear of the night or of darkness
Ochlophobia : fear of crowds
Pediophobia : fear of dolls
Quadriplegiphobia : fear of quadriplegics or fear of becoming a quadriplegic
Rhytiphobia : fear of getting wrinkles
Spectrophobia : fear of specters or ghosts
Triskaidekaphobia : fear of the number 13
Uranophobia : fear of Heaven or the sky
Venustraphobia : fear of beautiful women
Wiccaphobia : fear of witches or witchcraft
Xenophobia : fear of strangers or foreigners
Y : not available
Zoophobia : fear of animals

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