In some countries, many more people are choosing to live alone nowadays than in the past. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

People today, prefer to live away from their families, unlike past. The choice of living by oneself has come out of the modern lifestyle and eventually, this lifestyle has some advantages too. However, the consequences are worth noticing because of its impact on modern social life and therefore it seems to affect more negatively in contrast to its advantages.

Today, youth is moving out of the family for various causes such as higher education, working with multinational companies or the avail of the benefits from the modernization or for other personal causes like relationships etc. This trend has developed in many countries especially in the western and oceanic countries where the teenagers leave their parents house and prefer to live alone by themselves. The most crucial consideration for such a thing would be to maintain privacy in their personal lives.

Apparently, this trend leaves families and parents alone at the time when they need support maximum. The elderly people depend on us for almost everything in day to day life. Although this varies on the culture in particular countries yet parents do every possible effort to make their kids' life easier and smooth. And it becomes the obligation of children to take care of their aged parents to make their life lot simpler. Whereas the scenario is far different, the relation of the families has been torn apart and the youth are being more unpredictable in terms of their behaviour with their families.

Staying away from families might fetch us good money or better education but undisputed becoming the cause of diminishing the bondage of the families. The sense of care and belongingness is vanishing leading to protrude into loneliness.

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