Speak about your favourite movie that has inspired you.
  • What is the name of the movie ?
  • What the film is about ?
  • Why you like it so much ?
  • What message the movie gives ?

Movies and theatre are important part of our lives. The bottom line of making a movie is undoubtedly profitability but also there are numerous reasons of making films. To audience these films serve as crucial method of entertainment, however some of these films thoughtfully reveal the reality and or condition of the society and also part of history, which is very inspiring and motivational to many people. “Chak De! India” among so many movies has had deeply influenced me.

In 2007, this movie was released starring bollywood super star Sharukh Khan, who plays a character (Kabir khan), a coach of a Indian women’s hockey team who himself was a retired hockey player. Due to a penalty missed against Pakistan he was accused of match fixing and was forced resign and abandon his home town.

So, being a coach was a chance for him to wash his allegations by training his hard team and bring hockey world Cup. He gets appointed as a coach because the management doesn’t want to hire expensive coach for women team. He makes his girls work hard to win against men however they lose but their performance gets honoured and finally they are sent to participate in world cup and miracle happens, they win the world cup.

This movie makes me feel realistic and pitiful on sports condition and management in India. No game other then cricket is supported by mass and therefore the players remain unrecognized. This is a major cause of exploitation of sports people either the players or coaches. If cricket team of India can be best why not other sportsmen and women after all, they all belong to India too.

The biggest driving force for any person to perform better is recognition in any field. Once people start admiring other sports like showed in the above discussed movie, in no time India will be ranked higher in these sports too. It is public, the general audience’s appreciation which makes a sports person great. So we all should respect, admire and salute all the legends who represent our nation.

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