1. Bell the cat - To lead in danger (खतरे की अगवाई करना) : Every student dislikes the new principal, but nobody is ready to bell the cat by telling him so.
  2. Blow one's own trumpet - To speak boastfully about oneself (अपनी बड़ाई करना) : A person who always blows his own trumpet, is not liked by anyone.
  3. Bring to light - To make clear (स्पष्ट करना) : The manager tactfully brought to light the dishonesty of the clerk.
  4. Bad blood - Enmity (दुश्मनी) : One should not create bad blood among relatives.
  5. Bring home - To explain (समझाना) : She could not bring home the problem to me.
  6. Bad Bargain - Improper compromise (अनुचित समझौता) : His marriage with a widow has proved a bad bargain for his daughters.
  7. Between Scylla and Charybdis - Between two difficulties (दो मुश्किलों के बीच में) : If you take risk you will be in danger and if not then you will be called coward so you are between Scylla and Charybdis.
  8. By chance - By luck (संयोगवश) : He met his old friend by chance on the road.
  9. By degrees - By and by (धीरे धीरे) : He developed his knowledge by degrees.
  10. Catch a Tartar - Someone more powerful or troublesome (किसी को आशा से अधिक बलवान पाना) : In attacking India, Pakistan caught a tartar. 
  11. Castles in the air - Visionary schemes (हवाई किले बनाना) : Do not waste your time in making castles in the air.
  12. Carry coal to Newcastle - To provide something already present in abundance or foolhardy or pointless action(बेफिजूल  कार्य) : To carry water bottles in river areas is like carrying coal to Newcastle.
  13. Cock and bull story - False story (झूठी बात) : The tale of his heroism is nothing but a cock and bull story.
  14. Come true - Prove true (सत्य निकलना) : His dream about his success has come true.
  15. Cry for the moon - Wish for an impossible thing (असम्भव वस्तु की आशा करना) : A beggar cries for the moon if he wishes to have a car.
  16. Cut a sorry figure - To leave a poor impression (बुरा प्रभाव डालना) : Vimal stood up to speak but he was so nervous that he cut a sorry figure in the function.
  17. Chicken-hearted - Cowardly (कायर) : He is so chicken-hearted that he can do nothing adventurous.
  18. Child's play - Something very easy (आसान काम) : To pass the I.A.S. examination is not a child's play.
  19. Call a spade a spade - To call a thing as it is (साफ़-साफ़ कहना) : Bold persons fearlessly call a spade a spade.
  20. Cry over spilled milk - To feel sorry for the past (व्यर्थ पछताना) : You should not feel sorry for your failure, because it is only crying over spilled milk. 
  21. Cut the Gordian knot - Solve or remove a difficult problem (किसी कठिन समस्या को हल करना) : Let us hope that the prime minister will success in cutting the Gordian knot of black money and corruption in the country.
  22. Call names - To abuse (गाली देना) : Do not call anybody names.
  23. Call to account - To ask one to explain one's conduct (जवाब तलब करना) : The police officer called the bus driver to account for endangering passengers lives.
  24. Crocodile tears - False tears or sorrow (दिखावटी आँसू या दुःख) : The student shed crocodile tears over the incomplete assignment of final term.
  25. Catch red-handed - To catch while committing a crime (रंगे हाथों पकड़ना) : A thief entered my house last night but he was caught red-handed.
  26. Cast pearls before swine - To offer something to someone who cannot understand the value of that thing (अंधे के आगे रोवे अपने नयना खोवे) : Giving some good advice to a stubborn person is like casting pearls before swine.
  27. Cut and dried - Completely ready-made/ clear-cut (बिल्कुल तैयार) : I have got a cut and dried idea for solving your insurance premium problem.
  28. Come off with flying colours - To be successful (सफल होना) : Sita came off with flying colours in the final year of engineering.
  29. Call in question - To doubt (संदेह / शक करना) : How can you call in question the honesty of my office staff?
  30. Dead as the doornail - Quite dead (पूर्ण रूप से मरा हुआ) : Due to no rain, the plants were dead as the doornail.
  31. Die in harness - Die on duty (कर्तव्य या सेवा करते हुए मरना) : Many soldiers die in harness on the battlefield.  

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