1.  All in all - Whole and sole (सर्वेसर्वा ) : The District Magistrate is all in all in the district.
  2.  At sixes and sevens - In disorder (बेतरतीब) : Your children came into my room and left all my books at sixes and sevens.
  3. Add fuel to fire - To make the matter worse (अग्नि में घी का कार्य करना) : The officer was already very angry but the discourteous answer of Rihana added fuel to fire.
  4. All and sundry - Everyone without distinction (प्रत्येक बिना किसी भेदभाव के ) : My father invited all and sundry of the locality to the marriage party.
  5. At one's wits' end - Totally confused (चकरा जाना ) : The theives were at their wits' end when they saw the police coming.
  6. Above board - Honest and frank (ईमानदार तथा स्पष्ट ) : He is always above board in his dealing with his customers.
  7. An apple of discord or a bone of contention - Cause of quarrel (झगड़े की जड़ ) : Kashmir is the apple of discrd or a bone of contention between India and Pakistan.
  8. At daggers drawn - Open enmity, bitter enemies (घोर शत्रुता ) - Rana Pratap and Akbar were at daggers drawn with each other.
  9. An apple of one's eye - Very dear (अति प्रिय होना ) : Hemant, the only son of his parents is an apple of his mother's eye.
  10. Against the rainy day - For hard days (बुरे दिनों के लिए) : Every person should save something against the rainy day.

  11. At an arm's length - At a distance (दूर) : The father advised his son to keep himself at an arm's length from bad boys.
  12. An axe to grind - Personal end to survive (अपना स्वार्थ सिद्ध करना) : People do not trust those who have an axe to grind.
  13. At the eleventh hour - At the last moment (अंतिम समय पर) : He requested to accept his help at the eleventh hour.
  14. At a stone's throw - Near (पास) : Your uncle lives at a stone's throw from my house.
  15. At large - Free (स्वतंत्र) : The prisoner is at large after tipping the jailor.
  16. At hand - Near (पास) : My college is just at hand from my house.
  17. At random - Without any aim (बिना किसी उद्देश्य के) : The soldiers fired their guns at random.
  18.  A bed of roses - Quite comfortable (फूलों की सेज) : The post of Pesident is not a bed of roses.
  19. Apple-pie order - In perfect orderly arrangement (सुव्यवस्थित रूप में) : He keeps his clothes in apple-pie order.
  20. All Greek and Latin - Very difficult to understand (समझने में बहुत कठिन) : His literary speech was all Greek and Latin to most of us.
  21. A laughing stock - An object of ridicule (हसी का पात्र) : His foolish argument has made him a laughing stock of all.
  22. At home in - Well-versed in, Perfect (दक्ष, निपुण) : Alok is at home in mathematics.
  23. Account for - to be responsible (उत्तरदायी होना) : You must account for your loss.
  24. A far cry - Very distant (दूर की) : For India to control increasing population is a far cry.
  25. A good deal of - Very much (अत्यधिक) : You must finish a good deal of your course well before the examination.
  26. According to - Consistent with (के अनुसार) : According to your medical report, you cannot survive.
  27. As far as - So far as (जहाँ तक) : As far as I know, you are not going anywhere.
  28. A bottle neck - Obstacle (बाधा ) : In spite of all the bottle necks created by his opponents, he got success in his mission. 
  29. Bag and Baggage - with all belongings (बिस्तर बोरिये के साथ ) : The English left India bag and baggage in 1947.
  30. Beat about the bush - To come to the point in a round about way (घुमा फिरा कर बात करना) : Come to the main point, do not beat about the bush.
  31. Birds of a feather - People of the same nature (एक ही स्वभाव के व्यक्ति) : Birds of a feather flock together.
  32. By hook or by crook - By any means (उचित या अनुचित तरह से) : He wants to get success in the life by hook or by crook.
  33. By and by - Gradually (धीरे-धीरे) : By and by, he will become a perfect saint.
  34. By fits and starts - Irregularly (अनियमित रूप से) : Kumar failed in the examination because he studied by fits and starts.
  35. Bread and butter - Livelihood (जीविका) : Every person is busy in his bread and butter problem due to dearness.
  36. Breathe one's last - To die (अंतिम साँस लेना) : His father breathed his last leaving behind him four children.
  37. Break the ice - To break the silence (मौन का वातावरण तोडना) : When all were silent for a long time I decided to break the ice.
  38. Bolt from the blue - A great shock (बड़ा सदमा) :  His father's untimely death came to him as a bolt from the blue.
  39. Bear the brunt of - To bear main attack (मुख्य आक्रमण सहना) : Front soldiers always bear the brunt of the battle.
  40. Bird's eye view - A general study at a glance (सरसरी नज़र से देखना) : We had bird's eye view of the government report on profiteering.
  41. By all means - Certainly (निश्चय ही) : By all means he will be passed all subjects in exam.
  42. Block-head - Fool (बेवकूफ) : I can not work with him as he is a block-head.
  43. Beside the mark - Unsuitable (अनुपयुक्त) : I lost the case because my lawyer's arguments were beside the mark.
  44. By leaps and bounds - Very rapidly ( दिन दूनी रात चौगुनी) : My country is making progress by leaps and bounds in manufacturing field. 
  45. Bury the hatchet - To forget the past enmity (पुरानी शत्रुता भुला देना) : It is wise for Ram and Mahesh to bury the hatchet and be friends again.
  46. Beggars description - To be indescribable (वर्णन से बाहर) : The beauty of the Taj Mahal beggars description.
  47. Bring to book - To punish (सजा देना) :The naughty boy was brought to book by the Principal.
  48.  Beat the air - Making useless efforts (हवा में हाथ पैर मारना) : When the lion was shot dead, it began to beat the air with its paws.
  49. Black sheep - An undesirable member of a group (बुरा या अवांछनीय व्यक्ति) : He is the black sheep of my family.
  50. Black and white - In writing (लिखित रूप में) : I can forgive you if you apologize in black and white.

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